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Our Social Side

Everyone in this choir agrees that we are not just about singing and entertaining, important though these, of course, are.

There is also a very lively social side to the choir. To appreciate this to some extent just take a look at the list of our recent events. Of the many listed events, some were weekend away trips and after most of the others we arranged to meet afterwards for a drink and a sing-song at a convenient local venue.

On our “Photos Page” you will see some evidence of us enjoying a bit of craic.


Members regularly have special birthday parties to which all are invited. These can be the “Big O” ones ... 40’s,50’s, 60’s and even 70’s.

Then there’s the “Annual Awards” night when two of our founder members present fun awards to everyone. They appoint “The Calgach Queen” for the coming year and give prizes for such things as “Best Hair Do”, “The Bad Back Award” and many others which require a good sense of humour by recipients and non-recipients alike.

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