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Instrumental Group


Several of our members get together when the occasion requires it, e.g. as part of a full concert programme, to form a small instrumental group.


  The personnel involved



                     Trevor Burnside: Piano


                    George Kilkie: Accordion

                        Michael Barr 

                    Michael Barr: Accordion

                        Gerry Friel 

                      Gerry Friel: Guitar

                        Martin White 

                    Martin White: Bodhran

                        John Collins1 

                    John Collins: Bodhran


                     A Recent Playlist


Reels “Cronin’s” and “Off in the Morning”


A slow air “Ned of the Hill” by Michael Barr, Accordion


Jigs “Visit to Ireland” and “Rakes of Kildare”


Irish /Scottish Sing-a-long

“I Belong to Glasgow”

“Northern Lights of Aberdeen”

“Irish Eyes Are Are Smiling”


Three Polkas “Beer Barrel Polka”