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Gery moons the camera

Guess Who 1

Guess Who 2

Guess Who 3

Guess Who 4

Liam and Bernie make an effort

Motley Crew 2

No prizes for guessing who

Hallowe’en in Sligo 2003

Eamonn seems pleased with his award

Ella, Paddy, Betty and Stella

John keys and the late Jim McDaid R.I.P. share a special award

Gerry & Martin present Kathy with award

Gerry & Martin present Mags with award

Maureen, Kate and Susan

The late Monica Doherty R.I.P.and Sadie

Paddy Canning seems pleased with his award

Sally, Marie and Kathy

Betty and Ben

Colm & Maureen

Eamonn and Kathleen

Gerry movin'

Michael, Liam and the girls

Nicky and Mags

Nicky and Martin

Paddy and George among the girls

Paddy and Mags

Raymond and Jim - both sadly passed on

Sadie and Liam

Sadie in the groove


Sally and Marie

Stella and Nicky

Susan, Monica RIP and Sadie

Barr bros & wives

Maura strikes a pose

Happy Group

Gerry jives with Susan

Gerry & Rosaleen 1

Gerry & Rosaleen 2

Eamonn & Kathleen

Gerry & Mags

The Ladies

The Gentlemen

The lot

On Stage

Carol looks at some photos

On Las Ramblas

Sadie still smiling

In the Hotel

On Plaza de Catalunya

Joe and Kathy

Girls on Las Ramblas

Paddy,Martin,Gerry and Maxine

Moira's Solo

Harry's in Control

Mags' Solo

Harry Concentrates

Jenny's Solo

Paddy's Solo

Trevor presides

.. and then they relax

Harry cuts the cake

He likes the cream

Margaret and Uel

Moira, Paddy and Mary

Nicky and Martin

Susan, Bernie and Liam

Enjoying the sunshine

Frances, Rosaleen and Kathy

Gerry's special seat

Harry and Liam travel in style

Harry and Michael

John and Carol

John is out-numbered

John takes it easy

Kathy sings

Moira and Jenny

Nicky, Martin and Stella

Out for a stroll 1

Out for a stroll 2

Paddy in good form

Sadie sings

Sadie, Sally and Kathy

Tony and Margo

Uel, John, Tony and Margo

Annual Awards Party June 2003

Christmas Party 2003

Dinner Dance Christmas 2004

Coleraine Festival 2005

Barcelona Weekend October 2006

The Richmond Centre

City of Derry Jazz and Big Band Festival


[Photography by Emma Johnston]


Harry’s Surprise 70th Birthday Party

23rd March 2007


Sligo Weekend

29th June to 1st July



Cathy, Marie and Sadie

Gerry and Jenny

Happy Group

Mags and Gerry

Margaret our newest member

Moira's arm round the Invisible Man

Moira, Margaret and Carol

Paddy and Susan

Sadie and George

Stella seems happy

Christmas Party


Eamon, John & Michael

Harry at his music stand

Kathy & Sadie

Trevor prepares

Uel, Gerry & George

Mags checks out Paddy's long-johns

Mary, Marie & Sadie

Margaret in deep thought

Nicky hands-on

Ready for launch

The launch

Going through her paces

The Minnie & Earnest George Barry

Coast Guard chopper on fly past

The chopper hovers

A Winning Combination

Calgach Queen

Eamon's Award

Gerry's Award

Harry's Award

Jenny's Award

Mags' Award

Margaret Gets Her Award

Maureen Gets Her Award

Moira Got No Award !!

Siobhan's Award

Tea Girls' Award

Trevor's Award

Uel's Award

Ready to Start

A Closer Look

Michael Keeps Us Right

Another Closer Look

Mags Sings,

Harry Sings,

Trevor Enjoys a Wee Dram

Ella, Betty and Stella

Georgs Among The Girls

Sally, Nicky, Mary and Sadie

Martin Relaxed Mode

Ready to Go Home

Why Are They Smiling?

On The Boat Kathy Explains

Roberta and Stanley Chat With Trevor

Nicky Shares a Joke. Tom Watches

Stanley, Nicky and Friend

Gerry, Harry and Tom

Stanley Shows Them How.

Stanley Presents the Trophy to Nicky

Nicky Gloats Over Winnings

Harry, Gerry, Tom, Nicky and Stanley

Mags who provided the music

Margaret, Carol, Fiona and Jennifer

Gerry Brady and Fiona

Michael Barr with Patricia and Kathy

John Keys among the girls

Tiller Girls

More Tiller Girls

Kate, Betty and Maureen

Liam, Bernie and Ella

John, Sadie and Micky

Nicky and martin

Margaret and carol

Paddy Arrives

Trevor provides the music

Harry sings and comperes


Liam relaxes

 RNLI Naming Ceremony

and Dedication on a

cold and wet day

at Lough Swilly Lifeboat Station, Ned’s Point

on 5th April 2008

( Photography by Gerry Brady)

Annual Awards Party

30th May 2008

In Foyleside for The City of Derry Jazz and Big band Festival

1st May 2009

(Photos courtesy of Charlie Kelpie)

Trevor’s 10th Year

With the Choir

Celebrated on Trip

to Edinburgh

 May 2010

Choir Golf Outing

June 2010

(Photos courtesy of Gerry Brady)


Christmas Dinner Dance

10th December 2010

(Photos courtesy of Gerry Brady)


Paddy Quinn’s

60th Birthday Party

February 2011



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