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Rehearsals every Monday and Thursday

in the Nazareth House Primary School, Derry.

These are suspended during July and Aug


ust and during the Christmas and Easter breaks.


Performance at Memorial Service for deceased members

in Nazareth House Chapel, Derry, on 26th February 2007

We Remember


Concert for the Community association in St Eugene’s Hall,    

 Moville, Co Donegal on 16th March 2007


  Performances in The City of Derry Jazz and Big Band Festival

  in The Foyleside Shopping Centre and The Richmond Centre, Derry,

on Friday 4th & Sunday 6th May 2007

Jazz Festival 2007

To see some video of us in The Richmond Centre click here.

Performance in Sharon Friel’s Wedding

in St Patrick’s Church, Pennyburn, Derry,

on 22nd June 2007


Social Trip to Yates Sligo 29th June to 1st July 2007

Jazz Festival 2007


Website, Doirecalgachsingers.com, launched 9th August 2007


Performance at a mass for

Our Lady of Grace Padre Pio Prayer Group

in Nazareth House Chapel

at 8pm on Monday 3rd September 2007.

Fr Paddy O’Kane, who had been the group’s spiritual director for many years, celebrated what was his final mass

 due to moving to his new post in Moville, Co Donegal. The choir were asked to sing “to make the occasion special.”

The late Fr Lawrence Keaveney was also remembered at this mass


Performance in The Charles Macklin School, in St Boden’s Church,

Culdaff, Co Donegal on Sunday 14th October 2007

Vigil Masses


Performance at a wedding mass in Burt Chapel, Co Donegal,

on Friday 10th November 2007.


Performance at Annual Padre Pio Mass in Nazareth House, Derry,

on 3rd December 2007


Performance in a Christmas Concert together with The Brittannia Brass Band

in The Guildhall, Derry, on Wednesday 19th December 2007

To see the programme for the Christmas Concert click here

To read letter of congratulation from Derry City Council click here


Performance at the Vigil Mass in St Patrick’s Church, Pennyburn, Derry,

 at 6pm on 24th December 2007


Performance at the Vigil Mass in Nazareth House Chapel, Derry,

at 9pm on 24th December 2007

To see the programme for the Vigil Masses click here